Module: jupyterlab_server.config#

JupyterLab Server config

jupyterlab_server.config.get_package_url(data: dict[str, Any]) str#

Get the url from the extension data

jupyterlab_server.config.get_federated_extensions(labextensions_path: list[str]) dict[str, Any]#

Get the metadata about federated extensions

jupyterlab_server.config.get_static_page_config(app_settings_dir: str | None = None, logger: Logger | None = None, level: str = 'all') dict[str, Any]#

Get the static page config for JupyterLab

  • logger (logger, optional) – An optional logging object

  • level (string, optional ['all']) – The level at which to get config: can be ‘all’, ‘user’, ‘sys_prefix’, or ‘system’

jupyterlab_server.config.get_page_config(labextensions_path: list[str], app_settings_dir: str | None = None, logger: Logger | None = None) dict[str, Any]#

Get the page config for the application handler

jupyterlab_server.config.write_page_config(page_config: dict[str, Any], level: str = 'all') None#

Write page config to disk


class jupyterlab_server.config.LabConfig(**kwargs: Any)#

The lab application configuration object.

app_name c.LabConfig.app_name = Unicode('')#

The name of the application.

app_namespace c.LabConfig.app_namespace = Unicode('')#

The namespace of the application.

app_settings_dir c.LabConfig.app_settings_dir = Unicode('')#

The application settings directory.

app_url c.LabConfig.app_url = Unicode('/lab')#

The url path for the application.

app_version c.LabConfig.app_version = Unicode('')#

The version of the application.

cache_files c.LabConfig.cache_files = Bool(True)#

Whether to cache files on the server. This should be True except in dev mode.

copy_absolute_path c.LabConfig.copy_absolute_path = Bool(False)#

Whether getting a relative (False) or absolute (True) path when copying a path.

extra_labextensions_path c.LabConfig.extra_labextensions_path = List()#

Extra paths to look for federated JupyterLab extensions

labextensions_path c.LabConfig.labextensions_path = List()#

The standard paths to look in for federated JupyterLab extensions

labextensions_url c.LabConfig.labextensions_url = Unicode('')#

The url for federated JupyterLab extensions

listings_url c.LabConfig.listings_url = Unicode('')#

The listings url.

notebook_starts_kernel c.LabConfig.notebook_starts_kernel = Bool(True)#

Whether a notebook should start a kernel automatically.

schemas_dir c.LabConfig.schemas_dir = Unicode('')#

The optional location of the settings schemas directory. If given, a handler will be added for settings.

settings_url c.LabConfig.settings_url = Unicode('')#

The url path of the settings handler.

static_dir c.LabConfig.static_dir = Unicode('')#

The optional location of local static files. If given, a static file handler will be added.

templates_dir c.LabConfig.templates_dir = Unicode('')#

The application templates directory.

themes_dir c.LabConfig.themes_dir = Unicode('')#

The optional location of the themes directory. If given, a handler will be added for themes.

themes_url c.LabConfig.themes_url = Unicode('')#

The theme url.

translations_api_url c.LabConfig.translations_api_url = Unicode('')#

The url path of the translations handler.

tree_url c.LabConfig.tree_url = Unicode('')#

The url path of the tree handler.

user_settings_dir c.LabConfig.user_settings_dir = Unicode('')#

The optional location of the user settings directory.

workspaces_api_url c.LabConfig.workspaces_api_url = Unicode('')#

The url path of the workspaces API.

workspaces_dir c.LabConfig.workspaces_dir = Unicode('')#

The optional location of the saved workspaces directory. If given, a handler will be added for workspaces.